2013Functional Ceramic Workshop 2013 - Exhibition & Workshop

Sue Tirrell

Sue Tirrell received her BFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 1997, and has maintained a studio in Montana since 2005. She has presented workshops across the United States, and her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions. In this workshop, she will demonstrate her decorative process, from drawing and layering underglazes to sgraffito carving on porcelain.

Kevin Crowe

Kevin Crowe maintains a studio in the Blue Ridge foothills of Virginia, where he fires his stoneware pots in a 450-cubic-foot, 3-chamber combination anagama and noborigama kiln. He has presented workshops across the country, and his work has been shown in a number of exhibitions. Among the techniques Kevin will demonstrate will be throwing LARGE!

Martha Grover

Bethel, Maine, artist Martha Grover throws and alters her porcelain forms, then uses a spray gun to apply glazes. Her work has been published in numerous books and magazines, and has been shown in exhibitions across the country. She will demonstrate throwing and altering at the soft and leather-hard stages, as well as throwing bottomless forms and using a spray gun to apply glazes.